Uncouple Coaching Ltd

At Uncouple®, our focus is on creating a bespoke experience that successfully supports you through your transition. Whether your transition is chosen or not, partnering with us helps you tackle it head on and gives you the tools to feel confident, comfortable and excited about future change. Although we deal with all of life’s transitions, we specialise in partnering with individuals that are navigating their career and divorce transitions.


Career – These transitions tend to all be manifestations of a crisis of career identity. Examples include: progression issues (lack of or career peaking); personal and professional misalignment; and concerns around promotion/change of role. We support our clients in reducing their stress response, whilst determining the cause of their discomfort and using those insights to decide on the steps they need to take to get back on track professionally.


Divorce/Post-divorce – Grieving the loss of your marriage, re-establishing your purpose and finding the balance between co-parenting, working and self-care are all examples of transitions we see during this time. Our work together will enable you to deal with each transition as smoothly, painlessly and with as little stress as possible.