At MLC, we totally get it that reliability is key for game developers seeking out freelance talent. That’s why our network of over 150 freelance game artists has a reputation for delivering every single time, at the highest standards. You can trust in the dependability of our freelancers, and for every MLC artist you bring on board, there’s a whole squad of other artists backing them up. Unlike going it alone with your own freelancers, any challenges or hiccups are on us, not on you.We connect game developers with the finest, seasoned artists, streamlining the process of sourcing, hiring, and managing passionate freelancers. Our approach is all about giving game developers the freedom to choose who to work with, and scaling up with ease, minus any hassle or red tape. We’ve got a network of artists and producers who are masters in art production, technical art, and publishing assets. Plus, we aim to create the best place to work for freelancer game artists, because happy artists are the most creative and productive.