Inaugural Gathering of Accredited Organisations

21st November, 2022

Earlier this month we had our inaugural AGM – what we hope will become our Annual Gathering of Members.  It was lovely to read a write-up of it afterwards by one of our accredited organisations, Go Squared.  Really glad you found it helpful, Chris.

For those of you who would like to hear the meeting back, or indeed share it with your clients, suppliers, friends, colleagues or customers, please find the recording below.

This was about coming together and inspiring one another in our shared commitment to the 10 components of the Good Business Charter.  We were privileged to have Frances O’Grady join us and share why the TUC got involved as well as Tony Danker, bringing across his perspective from the CBI.  Julian Richer kicked us off, explaining why he founded the GBC and how delighted he is to see us reach over 1,000 accredited organisations.

We then heard from some of our accredited organisations with practical examples of how they are living out their commitments under the GBC.  Businesses that deeply care about people and planet, businesses that have this embedded in all they do and are proud to be accredited by the Good Business Charter and use our framework as an effective way to keep pushing forward in their responsible business practices.

A common theme?

Frances O’ Grady summed it up really, talking of enlightened self-interest, where doing the right thing is ultimately bringing the best outcome for your business.  Those who treat workers fairly, engage them and pay a decent wage are the most successful companies.  As Tony Danker said, it couldn’t be more important at this time, and that right now the good businesses are the ones helping their employees and customers and small businesses in their supply chain manage inflation and the cost of living crisis.  The GBC signifies what we should all be aligning around in the months to come.

This was a hopeful event.  In the midst of incredible challenges, a spotlight on the issues around a green economy where people are valued is growing brighter.  The sense was that businesses that have already recognised this and are championing responsible business behaviour through the GBC will be on the front foot ahead of any potential legislative changes in the future.  Not to mention, more profitable and resilient to weather the current storms.