Case study: How to ensure all employees have a voice

Ensuring robust employee representation within organisations, including employee representatives such as trade unionists and employee forums, is vital for fostering an environment where all voices are heard. This not only facilitates the sharing of the best ideas but also serves as a crucial mechanism for safeguarding vulnerable workers from exploitation. Such representation, coupled with avenues for escalation like regular satisfaction surveys, not only empowers employees to speak up but also reinforces trust and confidence in the organisation, crucial for its sustained success. 

We spoke to some of our accredited organisations to explore their proactive efforts in meeting the employee representation component, looking at how these organisations prioritise employee voices and foster inclusive cultures to drive success.  

Feeling inspired?  

We are incredibly proud of the work our accredited organisations do within the employee representation component, having truly embedded and championed the GBC framework. We need to continue to advocate for and implement strategies that amplify employee voices, ensuring that every individual feels valued, heard and empowered within their workplace.  

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