Bigger Half

Business owners have a multifaceted responsibility towards both people and the planet.

By prioritising social, environmental, ethical, and long-term considerations in your business practices, business owners can contribute to a more sustainable and responsible business environment that benefits not only your bottom line but also the well-being of society and the planet as a whole.

At Bigger half, we work with teams to create beautiful and engaging creative campaigns that are built on a deep understanding of the impact these have on climate change and society. In creating this understanding, we want to push businesses on maximising their creativity whilst reducing their negative impact on communities and the environment.

I work for marketing teams within ambitious, purpose driven businesses and organisations who are looking to box clever and shout a bit louder in a way that is considerate to their impact in the world.

Based in Manchester but working globally, I’m a creative, digital partner, here to help inspire audiences, creating evocative marketing experiences which embody energy, practicality and soul.